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How we go the extra mile

  • Consultative services prior to winning project/ Proposal preparation /Methodology outline
  • Involvement in presentations to win project if needed
  • Questionnaire design
  • Easy to understand report detailing complex statistical procedure
  • Overall focus on excellence and high quality research work

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Advanced Analytics can work in conjunction with a market research agency on any project requiring complex and sophisticated statistical analysis.

Where Advanced Analytics differentiates itself from the competition is by providing consultative services prior to winning a project as well, such as help with writing a proposal, especially the methodology section and the sampling plan, and can be involved in any presentations/ conference calls required to win the project. After winning the project, Advanced Analytics will partner with the market research agency to assist in questionnaire design, thereby ensuring that the objectives of research will be met. Finally Advanced Analytics will provide a final report detailing the complex, statistical analysis translating it into simpler language which can be used readily by any person without a statistical background. If required, Advanced Analytics will also send its statistician to the final presentation to the client or if preferred will be available via a conference call. A core value of Advanced Analytics is its focus on excellence and providing high-quality work, guaranteeing customer satisfaction.

Our expertise in market research covers these areas:
  • Psychographic/ Demographic/ Behavioral Segmentation
  • Conjoint/ Discrete choice modeling with interactive simulators
  • Time series forecasting
  • Factor Analysis
  • Perceptual Mapping
  • Regression Analysis
  • CART/CHAID analysis
  • Correlation Analysis
  • Maximum Difference Scaling
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