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In today’s competitive and rapidly changing environment, to stay ahead of one’s competition, businesses need to be better informed and make the right decisions.

The key to successful decision making is to be able to successfully use all the available customer data and statistics and interpret it correctly, or leverage all the available data using sophisticated data mining/
statistical techniques to derive solutions that will help drive growth.

Effective data mining/ statistical analysis can improve your bottom line

If you are faced with a business problem that requires data mining/ statistical analysis, then Advanced Analytics can help you with its rich domain knowledge of marketing analytics. Advanced Analytics has
significant experience in:

  • Customer Understanding
    Market/Customer segmentation, Brand equity analysis
  • Customer Acquisition
    Response modeling, Prospect Segmentation
  • Customer Retention
    Customer Retention and Loyalty, Lifetime value of Customers, Customer Satisfaction
  • Marketing Effectiveness
    Marketing mix models, Promotion effectiveness
  • Sales Effectiveness
    Sales rep effectiveness, Channel effectiveness
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